Understanding iCloud

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One of the key features of iOS is its ability to sync and connect your information across all Apple platforms and devices. The main mechanism of this synchronization is iCloud, a cloud-based server that stores and protects your personal information in a centralized, remote location. In doing so, iCloud assures not only constant and open communication across all of your devices, but a secure space for your information to be stored and saved within Apple’s encrypted servers. As a result, if any of your devices should be in need of replacement or repair, your data will be safe and accessible.

The cloud is not very different from the internet: it is a series of computers whose sole purpose is to make your data accessible from anywhere. For information on how iCloud functions and the various features available, see our course on iCloud.

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The Benefits of iCloud: Why it’s Important and What it Can do for You

Once you have set up an iCloud account, you are then able to sign into that account using any device, regardless of whether that machine is an Apple product. When you sign into your account you are able to access all of your personal data: contacts, photos, notes, calendar events, passwords, and even reminders. In addition to accessibility, when you sign an Apple device into your iCloud account, your information will populate and sync across the various applications that this information is a part of. Meaning, that your photographs will be available through the photos application, your messages through the messages application, etc. These applications will update and sync in real time, provided all of your devices are connected to a cellular or wifi network, and that they are adequately charged.

If you are interested in learning more information about the applications you can use through iCloud, how iCloud stores your information and keeps it up to date, and how to maximize the value of your cloud-based storage, see our course on iCloud features like iCloud photos, iCloud drive and iCloud family sharing.

Takeaway: iCloud is Apple’s cloud-based storage system that allows you to remotely save and access all of your data such as photos, contacts and notes. Once you have created an iCloud account you can then sign in to your account on all of your Apple devices using your AppleID and password and sync your data across all Apple platforms. In order to create an account you need an accessible email address and phone number.